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Reliable and Smarter Patient Care at Every Level of Healthcare Operations

The healthcare environment is constantly changing, yet one goal remains the same: treating patients efficiently, while also providing the best possible care. Brother offers a number of solutions designed to help improve patient care and provider productivity from hospital to dentist office and everywhere in-between.


Capture, Share and Manage Documents and Information

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) compliance has been and will continue to be a major factor in the need to convert medical records, patient data and other healthcare records and documents to electronic files. Brother helps support this initiative with solutions-based products and applications that allow you to capture documents from desktop and mobile devices and send or share critical patient information, while helping to maintain security and HIPAA compliance.

Maintain Compliance and Security

Healthcare facilities must comply with HIPAA requirements or face severe consequences, which means maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of patient medical information is imperative. Brother MFPs, printers and scanners help support HIPAA compliance with triple layer security features that can help ensure the security of sensitive documents, devices and networks.

Brother healthcare solutions also help:

Securely transmit a wide range of file types


Prevent unauthorized user access


Shift your facility to a more paperless practice


Support electronic health record (EHR) adoption

Healthcare Certifications for Brother Products

To meet the needs and challenges of the healthcare industry, Brother has printers, MFPs, and scanners that are Cerner-validated, which demonstrates our commitment to providing healthcare facilities with high-quality, cost-effective printing and scanning solutions that address the needs and challenges of the healthcare industry. In addition, a wide range of Brother products are also Meditech tested and supported as well as EPIC approved.*
*Based on internal testing of certain Brother monochrome and color laser printers and MFCs with certain Meditech media under certain conditions.
Click here to learn more about Brother's Cerner-validated products.

Optimize Your Document Workflow Technology

A balanced deployment approach involves the assessment and right-sizing of your current output environment and infrastructure to ensure that you have the appropriate number and device types for the workgroups and departments that actually need them.

Brother can help you optimize your document imaging infrastructure where it is needed most.

Improve Point-of-Care Efficiency

Capturing and sharing patient information, medical records, medication lists, care instructions and more from point-of-care can help save time, reduce errors, improve patient outcomes and enhance clinical efficiency. Brother supports EHR interoperability and provides a range of multifunction solutions and imaging capture technologies to help transform paper forms into highly secure, usable and retrievable data.

Healthcare Labeling Solutions

Brother labeling solutions enable medical staff to quickly and easily print barcode document labels when needed and accurately identify documents, charts, files and lab specimens. Virtually all of our labeling products give you the ability to print on laminated labels that easily adhere to a variety of surfaces, and can withstand usage in harsh environments.

Brother Special Solutions Team (SST)

The Brother Special Solutions Team (SST) utilizes customer-focused industry experts that enable Brother products to meet special requests from clients. This approach involves a collaborative process with field service engineers and business analysts to help deliver solutions that fulfill the needs of clients in a multitude of industries.

To learn more about the Brother Special Solutions Team, view the video.