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Retail operations require accessible, dependable printing and scanning.

Many factors impact your organization's output environment. Retailers need solutions that support and enhance systems already in place. Brother can help eliminate the bottlenecks that hinder productivity, uncover and eliminate hidden costs, and make more efficient use of your technology with the right document management and print solutions to meet your unique retailing needs.

Learn how we helped AM Retail Group cut their costs in half:


Protect Critical Data

Securing sensitive customer and confidential information is a top priority for retailers. Theft of personal information such as credit card data is growing, and cyber criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Brother MFPs, printers and scanners offer triple layer security features that can help ensure the security of sensitive documents, devices and networks – and protect customer information from internal and external security breaches.

Managing a Mobile Workforce to Create Customer Loyalty

With the expanding use of Wi-Fi in retailing, employees have access to information on-the-fly to make the shopping experience better and more profitable. Brother offers a variety of options to enable printing from and scanning to virtually all the major mobile devices and operating systems. As a result, customers don’t have to stand in long lines, which can lead to better shopping experiences and an overall increase in customer retention.

Brother’s retail solutions allow you to:

Print and scan credit applications, order forms and receipts from anywhere in the store or on-the-go


Print on-demand items at virtually any location, enabling retailers to immediately react to promotional activities, discounts, and planogram changes


Capture, store, and access information anytime, anywhere via the cloud

Accelerate Workflow and Increase Accuracy

Brother has solutions that convert paper documents and images so that you can easily store, organize, retrieve, and share with others. This helps facilitate communication and collaboration throughout your organization and between different locations and departments, which helps you save time, reduce human error, increase productivity, and improve document workflow.

Print Retail Labels and Tags Virtually Anywhere

Ideal for retail tagging and mobile point-of-sales, Brother offers labeling solutions that can help increase retail operational efficiencies. Our mobile printers provide wireless connectivity via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® wireless technology and compatibility with popular devices across all the major operating systems – Windows®, iOS and Android™.

Brother retail labeling solutions:

Allow you to quickly print whenever, wherever — even when no power outlet or network jack is near


Are easy to use and maintain and can go just about anywhere you need


Do not have inks, toners or ribbons - changing media takes seconds


Let you connect to and print from a wide variety of tablets, smartphones and notebooks

Retail environments rely on quick, accurate labeling to keep sales and businesses running smoothly. Brother in-aisle labeling solutions enable staff to generate and update shelf labels and price tags. Brother labeling solutions can provide:

Pricing Labels
Shelf Labels
Shipping Labels
Return Labels
Pick Tickets
UPS/Barcode Labels
Work in Process Labels
Employee Name Tags

... and more
Rely on Brother Retail Solutions

Brother printers, MFPs and scanners are built to keep up with the demands of competitive retail environments and solve many of the daily document management challenges that retailers face. Brother retail solutions reflect our ongoing commitment to developing products that deliver performance and value for retail environments.

Brother Special Solutions Team (SST)

The Brother Special Solutions Team (SST) utilizes customer-focused industry experts that enable Brother products to meet special requests from clients. This approach involves a collaborative process with field service engineers and business analysts to help deliver solutions that fulfill the needs of clients in a multitude of industries.

To learn more about the Brother Special Solutions Team, view the video.